[NEWS] “Vedo the singer” sings tear jerking tribute to “Trayvon Martin”, President finally releases statement.

“Vedo the Singer” released this tear jerking tribute to Trayvon Martin today. The young boy was senselessly murdered by a self proclaimed neighborhood security officer after he profiled him and deemed he was suspicious because he was wearing a hoodie jacket and reaching for what turned out to be a bag of “skittles candy”. The pictures that are being used in this video a compilation of Trayvon and events. In these pictures you can clearly see, hear and feel the outrage of Americans as they rally for justice for Trayvon Martin. Vedo the singer sings “Pray” produced by Don Jarvis in the background of this very emotional  video collage.

The devastating tragedy has been brought to national attention; just a few hours after spotting Vedo’s tribute we also found this video below on Associated Press’ channel.

The The President of the Unites States shares a very brief statement to the public in regards to Treyvon Matin’s case-



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