Dope Head or Hero?

By GiGi Capone for Yahoo Voices

The world’s top cyclist is stripped of his 7 Tour De France titles, refusing to put up a fight. Perhaps there a silver lining to this story after-all.

Even after being stripped of all 7 of his Tour De France titles; there still seems to be an amount of indecisiveness in the air so thick you could cut through it with a knife. Does it really seem justifiable that cyclist Lance Armstrong loses ALL of his titles?  Some say yes and many say no. If we take the fact that Lance battled cancer out of the picture the grim answer is that many would be treating the debate differently.

“The best cyclist in history has been stripped of his 7 titles and could have saved 5 of them”, when you say it out loud it doesn’t even seem real. Disappointment and the uncontent curiosity of perhaps millions of sports fans and onlookers all around the world is what Lance is facing.

My thought is with all the bickering over why Lance Armstrong declined to fight the case; perhaps we should be looking at it in another light. The man has fought much bigger battles in life than having his title taken; he still has life.  After almost losing his life to testicular cancer; any other problem that may arise for Mr. Armstrong must seem minute in comparison.

Do I think Lance Armstrong is guilty? He without sin cast the first stone is what I say. Sometimes life presents situations that may at first appear to be a dilemma but are actually blessings in disguise. The Livestrong foundation has received over 1700 donations since this last Friday according to USA Today.

A lifetime ban is a steep price to pay; but at least Armstrong has manned up to his mistakes by declining to fight the charges, enabling him to hurry up and get the punishment over with.  The USADA is making an obvious example out of Armstrong, proving their zero tolerance for breaking the anti-doping laws.

From a strategy stand point, if there is to be a business future for Lance Armstrong’s non-profit; his decision to stand and face the music is the path that will lead him the least scathed. Hopefully now that all the hoopla is over with Mr. Armstrong will now have more time on his hands to keep saving lives with his Livestrong Foundation. I don’t think, not one cancer patient in pain, nor a survivor of the battle really cares whether Lance Armstrong was shamed by the USADA or his past; they are just happy he cares enough to help make a difference in people’s lives with what he is doing here and now. You can’t undo what has been done yesterday and tomorrow hasn’t arrived, therefore we must seize the moment of today.

From the outside looking in I would say, that fighting for his remaining 5 titles would be not only harmful and damaging to his charity; but a selfish move as well. Mr. Armstrong’s attention is needed somewhere that he can help make a difference by improving the lives of people with cancer; that in itself is a glory no trophy can compare to, and no dirty drug test from his past can take away from. 


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