Video – @dewayne_wavy “Higher Learning”

Tastefully captured in black in white, just like the point De’Wayne Jackson makes with his lyrics in “Higher Learning”, you can’t help but pay attention to this artistry. Laden with in your face subliminal visuals, like the focal point of the opening scene being the word “Respect” on a poster that transitions into a scene of Jackson walking into a classroom. Right before Jackson starts the song the words “Higher Learning” flash all over the whiteboard he is standing in front of.  My first thoughts? I wonder what kind of wisdom this kid is gonna spit? With a million rappers in the sea, it ‘s not uncommon to feel like most of them sound the same after a while, that is not the case with De’Wayne Jackson.

“Higher Learning” gives the world a little glimpse into a young man’s life who is at a crossroads, where opportunity lay in front of him, his past behind him and critics are all around him. Listening to this song gave me the feeling of being in a spoken word café, the closing scene projecting the image of loneliness made me realize… this song is all about the lyrics. Not one scene of fast cars, gold chains or half-naked women; the best part is, I was completely stirred by the song and the video was over before I even realized that fact. Now that’s what I call talent worth keeping your ears and eyes on.


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