Chuck Platinum – The Definition of A Hood Scholar EP

chuckThe Definition of a Hood Scholar is Bronx emcee/producer Chuck Platinum’s debut EP under his label, NovaKhain Enterprises and Bazialini Music Group. “The EP is named Definition Of A Hood Scholar because I come from the Lower East Side of Manhattan and migrated to the Bronx so I am definitely from the hood,” Chuck explains. “But because I started traveling early and learning different things about life it has lead me to all kinds of knowledge and wisdom so this album is a combination of the hood and the scholar. Hardcore thought provoking hip hop.”
The 10-track EP includes original production by Chuck Platinum, DJ Joe Cool & Gwop Sullivan and features the smash single “Love The Hustle”. “The sound they had fit with the feel I wanted for the album,” Chuck says about the producers.  “DJ Joe Cool is my DJ and he has submitted many beats to me over the years, but they didn’t fit for the projects at the time, but he gave me some bangers. Actually truth be told, “48 Bars Of Death” is actually a song from our album coming soon tentatively featuring Sonja Blade. I jacked the beat for this project and Gwop he came up under Diamond D. and them, so it was a chance for me to give some real dope Bronx producers some light and it matched the project.”
Hood Scholar is first of all banging production straight up east coast beats, rhymes, concepts, all elements of hip hop is in these records,” He adds. “Precise lyricism, metaphors, double and triple entendres and no trap!”
Be on the lookout for his next album something he put together called The L.O.V.E. Tape, another concept album which is in his words, is “Straight up grown man rap for the ladies and for real men that are about respecting women in music.” The album, conveniently so, is dropping just in time on Valentine’s Day.
Chuck Platinum In A Nutshell
Up for Explosive Grind & Emerging Producer of the Year at the Elegant Hoodness Music Awards, Chuck Platinum is NO stranger to the business. He has produced numerous tracks for artists such as Mahagany Brown, Young Bugz, Young Problemz, Jvon Lawrence, Ronnie Sparkz and more. With 4 mixtapes under his belt (Out of This World, I AM LEGEND, I AM LEGEND 2, #LuvHipHop), Chuck Platinum is making waves with a quick buzz in the underground and mainstream community solidifying him as a Grade A producer.
hood scholar
The Definition of A Hood Scholar out now on BandCamp
Facebook : ChuckPlatinumForever
Twitter/Instagram: @chuckplatinum



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