Writer Kevin Nevel pens new song inspired by a @LouDPhillips movie about human trafficking

Inspired by a Lou Diamond Phillips movie called “Transparency ” that is about human trafficking, my good friend and song writer Kevin Nevel recently sent me an email about his new song, that in turn inspired me. I’m more than positive, that the song and story will inspire you too.


Hi Gigi,
I watched a movie the other night; “Transparency”; starring Lou
Diamond Philips; not the kind of movie I would normally watch;
but it was about Human Trafficking and somehow; I felt I needed
to watch it.Sometimes; God just like He did with Jesus; allows us to witness thegood & the bad; so we can make a positive difference in this world.

Transparency Storyline

Five years ago David’s life came undone when his young daughter fell
victim to a brutal attack. The subsequent emotional fallout cost him
his marriage and his job. Handicapped by guilt and anguish David
abandoned his past and alienated himself. He took a second rate job as
a security guard and plodded on – his wounds concealed but unhealed.
All it would take is a scratch for them to open wide and consume
him…. During a routine security inspection, David discovers a young
Serbian girl stowed in the cab of a truck. Her sister and other girls
have been murdered – all victims of a perfidious human trafficking
racket. She pleads for his help. This is his chance at retribution.
This time he will champion the young girl that places her trust in
him. But David is taking on Goliath and he has his back against the
wall and a gun at his head. Enlisting the help of a woman’s refuge
counselor, David embarks on a do or die mission to save the girl.
Written by Anna Galvin

Lou Diamond Phillips – David
Deborah Kara Unger –
Estella Warren –
© BMI 2014 Kevin Nevel
She’d never heard of human trafficking before,
All she ever wanted was to support her family
But somehow things didn’t turn out that way,
Wooh now she’s just another victim of sexual slavery

She’s lost all strung out on heroin,
Wooh She knows that she’ll never find herself again Oh no
They took it all away concealing her identity,
Taking everything she stripping her dignity
She is far from home alone in a foreign country,
Suffering everyday from loveless brutality
Repeat Chorus:
She’s lost all strung out on heroin,
She knows that she will never find herself again
Praying to God only a miracle can save her now,
She’s reached so far past the point of no return
Her soul’s so lost sinking deeper and deeper,
She can feel that the fires of Hell starting to burn She’s lost Oh she’s lost…
Tag Chorus:
So lost falling into a deep sleep,
As the Lord takes her soul away
An Angel appears guiding her into the bright light,
She’s enfolded in Angel’s wings in Heaven tonight
She was so lost now she’ll never be lost again Oh no my dear child you will never be lost again…


“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent”


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