New Music: Silver Spoon Brun (@_Silverspoonbrun) “Cuff Ya Hoe”


New York is officially back on and 28 year old rapper and platinum songwriter Silver Spoon Brun is helping the movement grow.
Nephew to Grammy Award winning producer Corey Rooney, Brun started his music career behind the scenes working with some of the biggest artists in the history of music as a teenager. The Queens native who hails from Baisely projects has penned records for the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Toni & Tamar Braxton, Christina Milian, just to name a few.
Re-emerging after a few months back in the studio Brun was ready for something completely new. He started prepping his new project “Ladies First” as an ode to all females everywhere with still enough backbone for the men to relate to. The project features production from Jahlil Beats, Shatek, and partner E3. It also features artists Tamar Braxton as well as Queens MCs LL cool J , Nyemiah Supreme and Young Pretty.
On his latest single “Cuff Ya Hoe” he talks about jealous men and his appeal to the women. In his own words, he doesn’t keep these women, he just borrows them for a while.

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