AUDIO: One on One with N.A.N.

nan“Gifted” was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in South Carolina. After some time he would find himself back in Brooklyn. After enduring tragedies and the loss of a loved one, “Gifted” was responsible for raising his younger siblings, including his younger brother. Forced to do whatever was necessary to take care of his family, “Gifted” resorted to doing what he had to do in order to make sure his family did not go without. It was this decision that would change his life forever. After being incarcerated, due to numerous arrests, he felt it was time for change. It was during his incarceration that he began to write his emotions down on paper. It was then that he swore to never return to jail again. Upon his release from jail, he joined with A.D. the General, to form N.A.N. His delivery is influenced by his New York City upbringing as well as his roots in the South. He is talented, prepared to succeed, committed to moving forward, never backwards, and ready for whatever comes his way!

Cleopatra. Joan of Arc. Hatshepsut. Elizabeth I. Mona Scott. The female leader is always met with opposition, told they can’t do it, and pushed to the background, and attempts are always made to discredit them and their hustle. A.D. the General is exactly like these women. Born and raised in the borough of Brooklyn, she grew up like many of her peers, with the guns, drugs, and “hood culture” that have strangled the inner cities of many of the major cities in the United States. It is because of this upbringing that makes her story that much more impressive. Her resume is one of legends. It is borderline biblical. At the age of 16, when most girls are looking into boys, clothes, and trying to decide what sneakers match with what outfit, A.D. was already gracing the covers of such magazines as PEOPLE (Latino Magazine), Scholastic Scope, as well as being featured in various newspapers, websites, and other media publications. Her accolades didn’t stop there. She was one of the youngest recipients of the New Yorker for New Yorker Committee, as well as the prestigious Giraffe Award (given to those that “stick their necks out” for their communities). Armed with tremendous promise and determination, A.D. and Gifted would form the N.A.N./N.A.B. Movement. Developed within the concept of “Notthing”, A.D. has chosen to give opportunity to those that may not get it other places, all under the framework that, “You are born with nothing and you are going to die with nothing, so all of your goals, dreams, wants, and needs be evaluated appropriately.” & “that everything in life is nothing to achieve”. A.D. will be the first to tell you that her first love is being a member of the rap duo, N.A.N. She is known as the group’s “secret weapon”, due to her lyrical diversity, her distinct tone, and her impressive writing skills. Her stage show is full of energy and is ultra-dynamic. (If you’ve ever been to a N.A.N. show, you know what I’m talking about).


Gifted and A.D. the General have been nominated two years in a row as The Most original Duo in 2009 and The Best Hip Hop duo in 2010 at The Underground Music Awards. They won the “best group” in 2010 at The Taste Makers Awards in 2010. N.A.N. has been featured on loads of publications, including, Rap Fanatic Magazine, Protégé Magazine, Get Signed Magazine, Birthplace Magazine, City Scene Mag,, I Flow Mag, The Connex list, Urban Threshold, Hood Grown Mag, Probe mag, Green leaf mag, hiphop stardom 101 mag, and graced the cover of HHH Magazine in Sept of 2010, HIP HOP STARDOM 101 in 2013. N.A.N. has performed in every night club there is in NY. From Webster Hall to The Remote lounge, Bowery Poetry Club, The Five spot, Club Pyramid, The Bang, Sultanas, Alphabet lounge, karma lounge, Don hills and lounge 87 just to name a few. (In total over 5000 performances in the nyc area alone.) There music has been played on music choice and can be heard on dozens of both internet and fm stations throughout the globe. They are currently on their Elegant Hoodnes Musical Program 2014 tour. Check
or to keep up with their schedule. You can download there last mix tape entitled “Millertime” and view their latest video

For bookings, interviews or just more info contact @adthegeneral 718-415-6610 & EMAIL N.A.N.AWAYOFLIFE@GMAIL.COM

Twitter:  @adthegeneral @gifted_nan


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