NEW MUSIC: X-Phaze – Something New (feat. Heebz Street)

For the independent artist, it’s an every day struggle for their music to be heard. Everyone’s a critic and quick to slam the door in the independent artist’s face before they get past the first 4 bars of verse one. For the tastemaker it’s an everyday struggle to sift through the thousands of music submissions, just to find 1 song that is packaged correctly with a sound worth playing on the air or writing a feature about. It’s easy for what one is looking at or listening to to become mundane when everyone starts to sound or look the same; this is not the case with X-Phaze. With all the watered down music being released right now, it was quite refreshing to see such a young talent like X-Phaze taking his generation back to the roots of hip hip hop, “Something New” is creative, fun to watch and has it’s own originality. Kudos on the videography as well, the lyrics of the song were completely synced with the storyline and overall the video displays a great potential to catch a nice buzz in the near future.


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