VIDEO: Mugga Boy feat. Kurtacy – Say That You Love Me

IMG_0228Born in the mean streets of the Bronx, N.Y. (Walton Ave), Mugga boy has seen a lot and has gotten caught up in the “street life” activities since JHS. He has dealt with authorities on and off since the age of 12. Like most young, black men growing up in the “ghetto/hood”, Mugga boy had to deal with a lot of issues but after losing his close friend to gun-violence in high school, Mugga Boy felt lost in this world. It was then Mugga boy decided to look elsewhere for inspiration. He found an escape through R & B and hip-hop. Although he started singing since his early childhood days, he didn’t record his first song until the age of 15. This song, “Next to Haters” was actually a rap song with other neighborhood friends. It was soon after Mugga boy knew that this was something that would work for him. He grew up listening to TUPAC, B.I.G., USHER, Cassidy, Mario, and various other “oldies” such as The Temptations, Delfonics, Bluemagic, etc.)

Mugga Boy harnessed both R&B and Rap and called it R&G (“RHYTHM and GANGSTA”), the combination of 90’s rhythm and blues and the present day gangsta rap, (“CRIME INFESTED BRONX RAP”), as he likes to call it. One of the qualities that separate MUGGA BOY from his peers is the fact that he can sing or rap. This is what makes “COLLABO’s” fun for Mugga Boy. MUGGA BOY’s dedication to MUSIC has resulted in his first MIXTAPE – R n S (“RAP n SING”), which is surely making its way around the Internet and streets. You can find him on #datpiff, #soundcloud, #WorkSessions, #reverbnation, and #YouTube as well as other sites and blogs. All you have to do is keep your eyes open and ears listening because Mugga Boy is here! Get READY FOR THE MUGGA BOY!



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