Being Brent Butler

Imagine if Zach Morris from Saved by the Bell was a wild, lyrically-gifted rapper that made electric guitars scream like bald eagles. Imagine if Marty McFly from Back to the Future used the DeLorean to master the hip-hop of 3014 and bring it back to 2014. That’s almost as good as what you get from the Brooklyn-based rapper/guitarist who describes himself as “John Lennon with a big chain on.”

Brent Butler was born in Camden, NJ and raised on punk rock and 90’s hip-hop. The unlikely combo lead the young anarchist to pick up the guitar and write songs that increasingly sounded like rap. In high school Butler gained notoriety competing in rap competitions.
After moving to NYC Brent Butler began pursuing hip-hop full-time while defining his brand as a singer/songwriter/rapper/guitarist/producer. Check him out at and in the feature film Hellaware available now on iTunes, GooglePlay and more.
Watch the Who Do You Love video on YouTube

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