@thehusel Releases His New Single “Yeauh”

He made his debut last year and caught the music industry and music lovers by storm! The Husel, now returns with a new single titled “Yeauh” which is produced by J Troy and is an upbeat, bass driven record. With the lead verse being “I’m talking bout’ every day bout’ every night, we don’t take no breaks out this hustle life. We just out here tryna eat,  and keep on these lights…” The Husel has a message to share with the world.  A message of believing in yourself, being motivated, having a hustle mentality and to know that you can achieve anything you want in life with determination.

In addition to a new single being released, The Husel is proud to announce that he will be releasing an EP March 31st which will consist of the three  songs from his mixtape released last year which included “Grindin“, “Generate” and “Greatest“. An added addition to the re-release is that there will be LIVE versions of the records, videos and two other bonus records; one including the single “Yeauh” and the other “Hustle“. The final announcement is that his debut album Husel Music will be released May 5th and will include features by Pastor Troy, Bone Brusher, Cash Out, T-Pain and more.

I personally don’t consider the music trap or rap music,” The Husel states when asked about the concept of his new “Urban Age Music”. “It’s more closer to performance art if anything. It’s meant to be entertaining, artistic and most importantly inspiring. I’m an artist being creative just using a different frequency giving you more of me.”

The Husel also stopped by ThisIs50.com and spoke with Jack Thriller last Fall describing in detail who The Husel is, what he embodies + more. To view that interview please click the link HERE.

Be sure to pick up your tickets to the All Black Extravaganza here!

Twitter | IG | thehusel.com


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