@bundlesrb4life feat. Mista Onedaful & @juxxdiamondz – “Rap Heavy Hitters”


Brooklyn’s Mickey Bundles is no stranger to the rap game. Hailing straight from the infamous Pink Houses, Bundles is here to talk about real situations and bring that good feeling back to rap music with his upcoming project, MMM.COM 2, the follow up to his street banger, MMM.COM.

Mickey is a true soldier for the hip hop generation. He gives his soul and time to help keep the culture going.  He is one of the many underground artists who actually cares about the community and its people.

“Rap is the only genre of music that has a hidden age limit,” Mickey says. “I feel good that I can still make quality music that people from my generation and other generations can relate to. We can’t criticize the youth if we’re not showing them a better way. Either put up or shut up.”

Here Mickey drops some heat from the album with cameo appearances from Mista Onedaful & Back Block Gang’s Juxx Diamondz.

Be sure to check out Mickey Bundles tomorrow night at The Writter’s Block Concert Series for his official album release party!

wb mickey bundles


@bundlesrb4life | @juxxdiamondz



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