Hangout Session with @thisisknytro


There is a little story before this interview happened. I was waiting for Knytro and his crew to arrive. We were supposed to meet on Marcy Ave. and Broadway in Brooklyn, but they wound up being on Marcy Avenue and Flushing Avenue, which wasn’t far, but wasn’t close either. Being from the hometown of London, they didn’t know Brooklyn all that well (Neither did I and I was here for 2 years), so I tried to get a cab to reach them, but NO CAB was stopping for me whatsoever (so they are not stopping for black women either??)! So they jumped in a cab got up with me and we went to Jackbar on Havemeyer & South 1st, I believe. They were amazed with all of the pinball machines that the bar had in tow. We sat down, kicked it…his crew wound up in a rousing game of Connect Four, while Knytro and my conversation went like this….

If you don’t have his Project Haarpoon and Griffin EP already, get them! It’s a good listen.



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