SuperBowl Champion @waltthurm3 Poised To Be Next Big Tech Giant


Imagine a genius technology that can lessen the friction in artists/fans engagement by enabling its users to connect with their favorite artists in real-time—without having to use a smart-phone, tablet, or computer. This new technology is predicted to change how humans communicate altogether, and will most-likely have a positive impact on the music industry, Apple and Google. Right now you’re probably thinking, “What could this genius technology possibly be, and how can it connect fans with artists, without the use of a smart device?”

For several years now, the answers to the above-mentioned questions have been circulating inside the brain of an unlikely tech-mastermind—Walter Thurmond III, a cornerback for the Philadelphia Eagles and Super Bowl XLVIII Champion. Thurmond saw an obvious void and created a nonexistent product concept to fill that technological gap, but he needed the know-how to take his genius idea to the next level. So Thurmond met up with the founder and CEO of Bad Boy Branding, Jay Leopardi, a pop culture/branding expert who specializes in innovative inventions and concept actualization.

After meeting with Jay, Walter Thurmond III came to the conclusion that Leopardi, an unrelenting and unapologetic branding tactician, was definitely his Steve Jobs—a knowledgeable connoisseur that could turn his innovative concept into a profitable solution. Shortly afterwards, a partnership was formed, and Leopardi and Thurmond began developing their disruptive and revolutionary technology in secrecy—understandably to protect their intellectual property, which is now in its final stages of development.

Thurmond and Leopardi’s new technology is projected to be unveiled in 2016, in the same fashion that the first iPods were unveiled to the world, and this revelation will simultaneously take place at an undisclosed location, somewhere in New York and Los Angeles. A group of Thurmond and Leopardi’s products will be launched—all at once, and the event will be live streamed via a major media outlet.

In the meantime, Thurmond and Leopardi are encouraging people to join their NinjaWav contest/pre-promotion campaign, which is an all inclusive business model, created to encourage people to engage with Thurmond and Leopardi, by helping them pre-unveil their secret technology, while the world waits and sees which lucky person comes close to guessing, “What’s Thurmond and Leopardi’s 2016 genius technology?” For more information about Thurmond and Leopardi, please visit their website at, or follow the NinjaWav Movement on Twitter @thebigwav, and on Instagram and Facebook @followthewav.


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