@MeloKan – “Royal”


Up and coming L.A. rapper Melo KAN takes his bold new “Royal” campaign a step further with a controversial new cover of Chris Brown’s hit record “Loyal.” Melo’s “Royal” rendition highlights how women may be victims of rape and abuse that leave haunting affects on how they conduct themselves as adults, while also challenging men to start giving our women the respect they truly deserve.

With standout lyrics including “Real men teach boys women ought to be respected…These girls are royal. My job as a man is to protect and love you,” Melo belts out an entirely new song with a meaningful purpose over the popular track. The creative artist also releases stunning visuals featuring Melo painting the word “Royal” on the beautiful nude body of model Bria Myles while highlighting women everywhere as “Queens” instead of “hoes.”

Daring and unpredictable, you never know what Melo KAN, best known for his collaboration with Kendrick Lamar on the song “You Don’t Like,” might release next in his buzzed about “Royal” campaign. Stay tuned…



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