@IAmSevenHues – “Magick”

Magick Single Art

The saying goes that it’s all in a name Seven “Digit” Hues is proving that point. This monster talent has unlocked the beast with the release of his new single,”Magick”.

In 2008, Digit popped on the scene as a unique indie artist out of Atlanta, GA where he worked with platinum producers such as UNI Productions and Young JUVE. His first single, “Hi, I’m the Monster” landed over 25,000 views on YouTube, his track “We Call it the Good Life, landed Digit his first recording deal with E1/Royal Bloodline. His latest offering “Magick” explores how he was able to transform my life through the manifestation of MAGICK. Laced over a hypnotic track produced by Marsad Men the spell has been cast.

According to Digit, Magick is the ability to transform your own universe by either way of manipulating energy, yoga, meditation or super sexual experience. Shifting ourselves back to OURSELVES.



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