@Dynamic_EQ – “System Overload”

dynamic eq

This week NYC hip hop duo, Dynamic Equilibrium, will be releasing their latest single, “System Overload.”

​Dynamic Equilibrium is a combination of the heavy production of producer Machia and the lyrical creativity of Alpha Memphis, both born and raised in New York. After the great success of their first album, Post Crack Era, which reached over 80,000 views on YouTube,​ the tag-team is ready to release their second album, Formula 9DE.

“This record bring to light the oppression that young teens and adults face on a daily basis,” said Alpha, “I speak from a perspective of pure anguish as I detail the loss of many loved ones to street violence and as a result the prison system.”

Through the album Dynamic Equilibrium conveys that in spite of continuous unfortunate events, justice can and will be restored through the form of revolution. The full album is due to drop in mid September.



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