@jimmyfallon & @jtimberlake Brings “The History of Rap 6”

jimmy justin

This Terrible Twosome are known for always doing crazy shenanigans whenever they team up. The Saturday Night Live 2014 Christmas Show will always be the best one to me. But this time, pop star Justin Timberlake and The Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon unite once again to bring the 6th installment of the “History of Rap”, where Justin starts off with Jay-Z’s rap bit in R. Kelly’s “Ignition” remix, then goes into some awesome classic hip hop such as Whodini, Public Enemy, Wu-Tang, Slick Rick’s “La-Di-Da-Di”, some Salt N Pepa, they break out the Hammer Dance and for some reason….Snow’s “Informer”. (Huh? I don’t know. A short-winded one hit wonder, but they gave it props, anyways.) They also paid ode to the new jacks like Fetty Wap and Rick Ross as The Roots gives the most awesome musical backdrop. Always a hoot to watch if you are a hip hop connoisseur. You can check out the last 5 installments on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon website. Enjoy the show!

@jimmyfallon | @jtimberlake


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