September 11th – The day Our Buildings Fell


I was in 7th grade music class and I just remember an overwhelming wave of fear and panic. I didn’t know what was happening just that classmates were being picked up early and everyone was on their phones. When I got home, (Mount Vernon NY) my mother and grandmother would explain to me.

The news seemed to play for weeks after that date. It was scary. Constant re-runs of those planes crashing into The World Trade Center and Pentagon. The people running, the debris and the aftermath of so many tying to locate loved ones.

Being from New York I can honestly say that September 11th was one day and time that we were somewhat weakened as strong as we’re known to be. Even still, our strength as a city and country emerged as the support and love and comfort came from every way. We mourned together and we rebuilt together.

A wowing 14 years later we are almost done with rebuilding the towers. Our strength and security is at an all time high. New York can’t be defeated. I’ve had the honor or working and going to school in Manhattan and the TriBeca area for the past 5 years and I can say that every year as I walk these streets on this day an amazing sense of pride overwhelms me. It’s almost like you can’t believe it happened. God bless the city, the country and all those reminded today of the tragedy that may have stolen loved ones or simply their peace of mind. We will continue to be amazing while never forgetting this day.


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