Nerve DJs Exclusive Single Bandz On U by Shawn C aka Mr. Trap-A-Lot

bandz on u

Shawn C is stepping to the plate with Bet It All Records with Bandz On You. The new single is currently available on iTunes, Rhapsody and Spotify for download.

This record submitted courtesy of Nerve DJs.

shawn c

Artist Profile:

Shawn.C is an upcoming artist from Ohio who has toured with the likes of Youngbloodz, Young Jeezy, and T.I. his latest single Bandz on U is produced by 2KBeatzBang a super producer on the rise to stardom. Bandz on U has a catchy hook that will definitely grab the attention of the ladies so you might want to handcuff your chick.” Doing shit that yo man don’t do I’m a trick some Bandz on U” will have the ladies choosing. We asked Shawn.C why you pick this single.

Shawn.C response: I was playing around one day with my girl and we got into a heated argument about men willing to spend money on woman without having sex with them no strings attached. I said no way who is doing that without wanting something in return my girl said you will be surprised how men just throw there selves on women and willing to spend money on them just to do it. I had just got a track from my producer 2 days prior to the argument I was riding in the truck one day put the beat on and while I was listening to the beat I started to chant “ doing shit that yo man don’t do I’m a trick some Bandz on U.

I started to laugh joking around and within two days I recorded the song. Once I recorded the song I took it to Nerve Djs Johnny’ O and he put it on his and the first day Bandz on U received over 1,000 spins at that moment I was like I got something here with this song. The rest is history. Catch Shawn.C in a city near you for booking info contact


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